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Brand refresh

Story: In our workshop at the foot of the Deva Fortress in Transylvania, first we are looking for the best organic ingredients, grown in clean ground with water, air and sun. We have dedicated ourselves to raw production, and sprouting is the core of our activity, as we like to work with a product that has life and that passes its unaltered power forward.

Since 2006, we care that all the production process is in harmony with our family values, with the surrounding nature and with our desire to offer healthy products that nourish the body and delight the taste at the same time.

Packaging Design

The story of our pasta

In the morning, the stone mill stretches its arms and the beans turn into fresh flour, ready to get delicious and plump shapes of penne. We know, however, also to add a handful of golden linseed flour, so that the pasta keeps its shape even after you cook it! Then, overnight, the pasta dries out in silence, below 42°C, in order to retain all the best characteristics that nature has given it. The mill is resting, preparing itself for a new story.

We enjoy cooking coloured penne

Not all children are friends with vegetables, so Eliza, Eric’s and Alma’s mother, cooks penne with 20% fresh vegetables for them (red lentil penne with 20% fresh carrots and buckwheat penne with 20% fresh red beet).

The children enjoy cooking coloured penne together with their favorite topping.


We prepare the dough today the same way as we did on our first morning and we form it into tagliatelle, so their story is as old as Petras’ world.

Then we lay them manually in a sturdy coil and let them to dry peacefully overnight, below 50˚C, to keep all the power received from nature.

Cookie & Crackers

We sprout the seeds in order to activate all the power that they received from nature and, after germination, we add the other ingredients, we form the round delicacies and we place them, piece by piece, to gently dry overnight below 42°C.